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An Organized Crafty Stash: Day 3

5Ways_BlogHeaderHello friends!

It's day three of My Favorite Things' 5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash series.  Today, we're sharing ideas for organizing your metal dies.  If you're like me, you have about a gazillion of them, and they are way too easily lost!

Die-namics-Organize-1---OHSDoes this look familiar?  Yes, you guessed it, I use the very same system to store my dies as I do to store my stamps.  The bins I use are 12" x 15" Fridge Binz.  You can get them HERE or HERE.  The styles are slightly different at the two stores; so if you're like me, and you like things to match, you'll want to buy all of yours at the same store.

This bin has two rows, which perfectly fit MFT's awesome Large Clear Storage Pockets.  You get 50 pockets in a pack; so they go a long way!  Here's another peek at the pockets:
Large2_1…and a look at the pocket loaded with the Joy Ride Die-namics set. 

Die-namics-Organize-3---OHSAs you can see, there are some very small dies in this set; so I needed a storage system that would prevent me from losing those tiny dies.  For me, magnetic sheets do the trick!  Now, I am lucky enough to have a local sign maker who sells me the thin magnetic sheets by the roll, and I just cut it to size as needed.  If you don't have that option, you can purchase magnetic air vent covers at your local home improvement store.

If a Die-namics set has a coordinating stamp set, I always store that on the opposite side of the pocket, with a piece of Smooth White cardstock in between.  This makes it oh-so-easy for me to use them together…no hunting for the coordinating pieces!

Here's another great example of a die set that has lots of pieces that are easily lost:

 MFT has a beautiful selection of Alphabet & Number Die-namics.  I love that I can easily find the letters I want to use on the magnetic sheets, without searching through a pile of letters.  It really appeals to my neat freak side. 🙂

Here's a look at what I do with my Border Die-namics:
Die-namics-Organize-4---OHSI try to keep similar border dies together; so when I'm looking for grass, for example, I can easily choose the one I want.  I label every die in the package, beginning with the die on the left and working my way to the right.  If they're being stored horizontally instead, I label them top to bottom (just the way they appear in the pocket).

Now, here's something I haven't found the perfect solution for just yet.  I have my extra large dies stored in the very same pockets, and simply allow them to stick out the top.  Does this bother me?  Yes, yes, it does (have you met me???).  Until I have a better solution that is the way they will stay.  I only have a few that are too large to fit perfectly in the pockets.

Die-namics-Organize-5---OHSFinally, just like my stamp storage, I have dividers made from tear-proof and water-resistant plastic folders, which I purchased from HERE.   I rounded the top two corners with a heavy-duty corner rounder, to get rid of those sharp corners.

As you can see, those oversized dies do stick out the top; but it is still over-all a neat and tidy storage system.  …and it matches my stamp storage system, which makes me extra happy. 🙂

Here's a look at today's fabulous prize package:

So AWESOME, isn't it?!  Hop on over to the MFT Blog for your chance to win, as well as for links to the other designers' fantastic die storage solutions!

Have a beautiful day, friends!


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  1. Great solution! I put my larger dies in clear pencil pouches. You can cut off the part with the holes to go in the binder and store them in the back of the bin. I pick up several of these during back to school time just in case I need them- It seems to be the only time I can find them for under $1.

  2. I love to store my dies on magnetic sheets from the Home Depot, but I have them on a shoe box that doesn’t look to pretty. I love this refrigerator bins, they are so beautiful and the pouches fit there perfectly, the pouches will prevent the little pieces from getting lost.
    Thank you for sharing and for the chance to win this fabulous package.

  3. What we do without magnet sheets and plastic envelopes. I started with Spellbinders years ago by using a magnet strip on the back of chipboard and filing them them way, but they slip off, I will be changing them along the as time permits and money to boot. Jennifer sure did change the world for a lot of crafters with her organizing in the bins. All of you girls have brought so many new ideas for us to try and I thank you for taking the time to share the organizing too.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to share your wonderful organizational system!!!

    I do have a question. I am concerned about placing the matching dies/stamps together and then having them in their sections — LLD, LJD, DC, etc. Won’t the weight of the dies leaning back in their respective sections imprint or even cut the clear stamps that are stored in the pockets with the dies? Thanks in advance for your response.

  5. Hi,

    I LOVE LOVE this idea, thanks for the information. Once I can afford it I will be committed to change my system, but it will be a great relief if I am able to win this prize. Thanks!

    María Alba

  6. Hi Marcia! I have a sheet of white cardstock in between the dies and the stamps; so they do not press on each other at all. They are in the same pocket, but on opposite sides of the cardstock. Hope that is helpful to you!

  7. Love your storage system. Being organized is a big time saver. I just spent the last 6 hours in my craft area organizing my dies. Whew. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I am LOVING the pockets…will so need these. And those fridge bins are VERY tidy (super important to me!) This is a great week for those of us that made January organizing resolutions !!!!! TY so much!

  9. Hi, I’m planning on duplicating this wonderful organizing system. I’ve already ordered the refrigerator bins from Amazon. But, the blue plastic dividers that were linked to Amazon, I couldn’t identify. Is it possible that they’re no longer available or the link is incorrect? Could you please let me know? I love the unified and durable look of the all blue dividers. Thank so much !!!!!

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