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MFT Organization for Your Creative Space: Coloring Mediums

MFT_OrganizeChallenge_Logo1Hey everyone~

It's time for the monthly organization post from My Favorite Things.  Today, the design team is challenging you to organize your coloring mediums.  Chances are, if you're a crafter, you have coloring mediums of all kinds.  Coloring is my favorite (spoken like a true Elf fan…); so I have a plethora of coloring mediums.

Here's how I organize mine:

Of course, you knew I'd start with my Copic Marker storage. 😉  These are four individual Color Cubbies from Studio 3 Solutions.  They are no longer in business; however, you can purchase a very similar item at Stamp-n-Storage.  It's called the Marker Nook.  They work beautifully, and keep all of my markers right at my finger tips.  Hubby and I are working on a sweet divider system to go into each of the little cubbies, so I can store them all in perfect order.  This makes my little ocd heart very happy! 🙂

On top of the Color Cubbies, you'll notice a kit of 72 markers.  These are my travel markers.  I change them out from time to time, depending on what I'll be coloring when I'm traveling; but I always, always have that kit at the ready.

Here's a look at what that kit looks like from the outside.  You can purchase it directly from Copic…HERE.


I also keep my Copic Various Inks handy right on my desk, either for re-filling my Copic markers, or for different ink applications on my work.

Copic-Storage-3---OHSThat wonderful unit I have the Various Inks stored in is a retail display unit, which I was lucky enough to have given to me at a trade show.  On top, I have my beautiful Copic Anniversary sets displayed.  They're way too pretty to use. 🙂  

Underneath, you'll notice a piece of wood with a cut-out for my cords.  Hubby created this wonderful little solution for me, which allowed me to store the Various inks right over the cord cut-out in my desk.  One of those cords is for my Copic Air Compressor, which sits underneath my desk, with the trigger at the ready for me at all times.  This is a big reason why I do so much air-brushing on my projects.  It's so handy!  BTW, I fully intend to paint that piece of wood white…someday.  

I've shown you my Raskog cart before; but since we're talking about coloring medium storage, I'm sharing it again with you.


The middle shelf stores lots of coloring essentials:

As you can see, I have my water brushes, paint brushes, blending stumps, and other assorted things that make me a happy coloring girl.

The bottom shelf has my Peerless Watercolors, the entire collection of Gelatos, paint palettes, and more.

I found a fun way to store my pens, by simply turning pretty mason jars on their sides inside one of the cubbies in my studio.  These are right next to my desk, within easy reach.  I have my Spica glitter pens, gel pens, glaze pens, lots of Copic Multiliners, erasable pens, pencils, and colored Sharpies in this section.  It's a very simple, yet super-cute solution.

My last storage solution I have to share with you today is how I store my colored pencils and Letraset Aquamarkers.  These are silverware caddies that I found for cheap, cheap on clearance at Target a few years ago.  The colors are a little kooky for my liking, and I keep meaning to re-paint them; but for now they are doing their job in fine style.  As you can see, I added some pretty patterned papers to the insides of one of them, which not only dresses it up, but it ensures that the pencils stay right where they belong inside the spinner.

I hope you've enjoyed today's coloring medium storage ideas.  Swing by the MFT Blog for links to the other designers blogs, 'cuz you KNOW they have some fabulous ideas!

Have a beautiful day, friends!


Power Poppy Peace
Keep on Rockin'


  1. Hi Cindy! I LOVE peeking into other people’s work space. You are so organized! I am so looking forward to seeing you again soon in your class in Phoenix on the 11th – happy dance 🙂

  2. Monthly organizational tips???? Woohoo! How did I not know you were doing monthly tips? SO exciting! Love your Copics storage, and I was just thinking before I read your complete post how great those cubbies would be with dividers for each color…yes I need mine lined up in order also! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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