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Organized Studio Reveal

Hello, creative friends!

I’ve spent the past week organizing & clearing out the clutter in my studio.  Yahoo!  

I started out with the intention of just doing a couple of drawers for now.  Once I got into it, the project just kept getting bigger and bigger until it was the entire room.  Haha!  If you know me, you know that is SO me. 

Once again, I created a little video tour of my creative space, aka: the studio.  The room feels lighter, brighter, and fresh now.  I didn’t even have to change the lighting or the paint color to change the whole feel of the room.  …simply declutter, rearrange some things, and organize the spaces.  I didn’t spend a dime.  My husband would say that is most definitely the best part! 😉

My videography still needs work for sure; but hopefully it’s still enjoyable for you to watch, & inspires you in your own creative space.

I’ll be back with another coloring video soon.  So, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’d like to see more.

Please enjoy, friends!

Have a most beautiful day!




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  1. Really enjoyed your video Cindy! I did the same thing after Christmas and it feels so good! However, I think I need to pretty up the space now that I saw yours! If I could only color like you…life would be grand! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Carol~

      The spinning card rack is from Pottery Barn. They used to also have a table-top model; but I don’t believe they carry them anymore. A quick google search, however, will yield some similar racks out there by different companies. Hope you find one you like! 😊

  2. Wow, Cindy! What an inspiring video of how you’ve reorganized your room in a single week! You’ve really made is more practical, useful, and pretty! I really love that you’ve opened it up by moving the center table over to the wall. Definitely inspired to do something with my room. You’re absolutely right about not feeling as creative when things are in disorder, and I need order like you do! Haha! Hugs and love! xoxo

    • Thank you, sweet friend! If you organize your space, I’d so love to see the transformation! I love seeing how other people organize their creative spaces. Have a beautiful day! xoxo

  3. Well done Cindy. I’ve been reorganizing too. My DreamBox arrived on January 8. Still fine tuning it. I’ll be doing a video for it later. I’ve got before pictures but no after ones yet. A cluttered environment does hinder creativity – like a lot. Even makes you not want to go into your space. I’ve been a lot more productive since reorganizing my space. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Wow! that’s quite the room. Guess i need to start getting cupboards for storage and start a major overhaul of my stuff. I did a lot of stamp culling recently and it went to the Boys and Girls Club of Manchester. Next load goes to the club in Nashua. Love your bins for storage. Think i might get a bunch of those. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hi Carol! It is so so freeing to clear out the things you’re not using, and I love that you’re giving your things to such great organizations! Happy organizing! {{hugs}}

  5. That was an awesome tour! It’s so sweet that you have so much for your gd. If you decide to get rid of the doilies (in the drawer you said you’d ditch in 6 months) please let me know! I’d also love to see what stamps you cull when you go through them as I’d love to buy some!

  6. Beautiful! Loved the tour. I watched the before video first and you really got a lot done in a week! I’ve been working on organizing my craft space for months and I’m close to finishing. It’s taking me extra long for many reasons, I’m disabled and move slow, the holidays, and my granddaughter lives with me because I raised her, she’s now 21 and just had a beautiful great granddaughter for me to love! So yea, it’s tough getting time to do all the finishing details, I do understand that! LOL

    • Carol, I’ll bet your room is looking feeling so much better! Slow & steady wins the race, right?! You are awesome! How wonderful of you to raise your granddaughter. 💙Congratulations on your precious baby great granddaughter! So exciting!!!

  7. Wow! I am so impressed with you “tidying up!” Marie would be so proud! Now, I have to do this to my own space. You’ve inspired me to take the leap!

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